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Rest or Car Crash:You Choose! – Pt2

Adam & Eve in Eden

I Cor 15:46 The spiritual did not come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual.

One of the principals for interpreting scripture is found in the above verse which when condensed means: first the natural then the spiritual; and in Pt1 we looked at natural rest, now in Pt2 we will look at spiritual rest.

When Adam was in the garden of Eden everything was provided for him; trees bearing fruit for food, water to drink and clothed with a covering of the glory of God. God also put him to work (a noble purpose) tending and keeping the garden. Truly Adam wanted for nothing.

There was no worry, anxiety or fear because he knew God had provided everything he needed. Therefore Adam was at peace within himself because he rested in the knowledge of God’s provision and protection. But the fateful day came when Adam sinned and God expelled him from the garden; he was now told he would work by the sweat of his brow. Sweat speaks of self effort. Adam now had to work to provide for himself and his family, he could no longer rest in the knowledge of God’s provision.

For the first time, worry, anxiety and fear entered into Adam; “Where will my food, drink and clothing come from. Will I be able to work enough to provide for my family”. Adam had lost his peace and rest because he could no longer rely on God’s provision and protection. To be cont ……………

Meditation point: Adam rested in the knowledge of God’s provision and protection. Am I entitled to the same!

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