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Rest or Car Crash: You choose! Pt 1 cont…..

Artist Painting (resting)

Mark 6:31   Jesus said, “Come off by yourselves; let’s take a break and get a little rest.” For there was constant coming and going. They didn’t even have time to eat.    (THE MESSAGE)

Some people think that rest is to cease from all activity, ‘WRONG’. Rest is doing anything that we enjoy which can also include ceasing from all activity ; it could be painting, walking, reading, swimming, writing, car mechanics, sewing, knitting etc. Rest is anything that we enjoy doing that is different to our work. It also means ‘switching off‘ all mobile or cell phones, computers or anything that ties us to work otherwise we cannot rest completely.

It works like this: eg -  When we are painting  we automatically shut the door in our brain on the room marked ‘work’ and open the door marked ‘enjoyment’. This allows the body to rest and relieves us of all stress, pressure and concerns. We are then in the place to recharge our batteries, restore our energy levels and the cutting edge of our life.

When God made our bodies He put within us a reservoir of nervous energy that we call ‘adrenelin’. Adrenaline is there to be used for emergencies, it protects the body from shock and danger.E.g. – we are driving the car, suddenly a dog runs across our path and we have to slam on the breaks leaving us shook up and drained; we will recover from such a shock because our adrenaline kicks in to protect our body system. But if we continually draw upon our adrenaline through worry, stress or pressure, we will drain the reservoir of nervous energy and our body system will collapse. This is whats called a break down or burn out.

We then have to take time out for our body to rest and our reservoir of adrenelin to refill. Why not prevent this from happening by taking out regular periods of rest which will sustain us in this pressurised fast paced world we live in.

Meditation point: Only regular periods of rest will keep my mind and body strong enough to cope with the strenuous lifestyle of today.

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