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Christ IS our Identity Pt 3


Ps 11:3 When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Now that we’ve established our identity is in Christ, we can ask the question, ‘why do i need identity?’

The answer is that identity establishes a foundation in our lives. David is stating in the scripture above that when the foundations of a thing are destroyed that it leaves a person with nothing to build on. It’s like a ship without a rudder, it can only drift aimlessly along.

Today there are many people, Christians included who have no foundation in there lives. Let’s look at the results of such behaviour:

Sexual Identity: Many young people today are confused about their sexual identity. They don’t know if they are homosexual, hetrosexual or some other kind of sexual. A lot of reasons have been put forth as answers to this question.

I beleive the answer is found in the lack of a father figure in their life, or they have a father but he is emotionally distant. It’s the father who gives sexual identity to his children. How does he do this. He spends time with his son in masculine pursuits. He speaks to the male in him to bring out the man in him. He teaches him responsibility and discipline.

With his daughter, he tells her how pretty she is, he gives protection and security to her life. In the way he relates to his wife, he models for his daughter the way a man should treat a woman. When she is old enough he will take her out for a meal in a restaurant. He speaks to the female in her to bring out the woman in her.

This gives identity to his children so that as they grow up, they are able to handle the many changes of life they go through and come out the other side with stability, purpose and established sexuality.

Dysfunctional Behaviour: Many many people today are plagued by depression, worry and fear. Many have such deep holes in their character that the only way they can cope with the pain is to mask it with alchohol, drugs, pornography and the many other inducements on offer.

Why is this? We have to say, it is a lack of identity in their lives. They have no foundation. They lack direction, purpose and meaning. Again, it’s the lack of a father figure in their life

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