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Receive Your Christ Peace Pt 1


Isa 48:22 There is no peace,” says the Lord, “for the wicked.” (NIV)

When we look around the world today, we see mankind at war within themselves and toward each other. The staple of everyday life is characterised by violence, abuse, terrorism, divorce, broken families, political and financial upheaval, and worst of all,  Nation fights nation. So great is the conflict of the nations, that many are saying, we are on the brink of worldwide disaster.

Christians are encouraged to,’pray for the peace of Jerusalem’, whose name means, ‘City of Peace Peace’ in the Hebrew language.. Yes, that’s right, city of double peace. Yet since it’s inauguration, it has never known peace, but war and violence.

So why are we seeing this absence of peace? it’s because man is not at peace with God, and we can only have horizontal peace (person to person) when we first have vertical peace (mankind with God).

Then we have the so called, ‘Peace-makers’, Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, the United Nations et all. These men travel the world seeking to pour oil on troubled waters. They do the best job they can but it amounts to little because they are not peacemakers, they are peacekeepers. There is a difference:

1) Peacekeeper – A peacekeeper is someone who seeks to keep the peace through dialogue,  but has no authority over any party. They can’t resolve conflict. Only their continued presence keeps a fragile peace.

2) Peacemaker- A peacemaker is someone who does whatever it takes to resolve the problem and make the peace. Sometimes this involves confrontation and conflict. Winston Churchill went to war to repel the evil tide of Adolph Hitler. Churchill won the battle and made peace.

Next week we’ll look at the shattered peace between God and man.

Meditation Point: In my relationships, do I avoid conflict in order to keep the peace, or am I willing to address situations in order to make the peace.

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