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Prov 27:19 Just as water mirrors your face, so your face mirrors your heart. (TM)

In the last Blog I looked at how right standing with God leads to peace. Let’s now look at how that peace is released into our lives.

In the photo above, the country side is reflected by the surface of the water. It’s surface, so still, it has become like a mirror. It’s the same with our heart. When our heart is at peace, it is reflected in our face. When people die, it is often remarked that their face shows great peace. Their worry lines and frowns disappear. Why is this?  Because their spirit (character) which carries worry and stress, is no longer there (Jam 2:26).

Now we are in Christ, we don’t have to wait until we die to reflect His peace in our countenance. It was Christ in the boat on Galilee (MK 4:35-41) that spoke to the storm, “Peace, be still”. That same Christ lives in our hearts today and will do the same for us as we exercise our faith and trust in Him (v40).

All we need to do is cover the bases of who we are in Christ.

Example 1: The newspaper headline screams out, “Country on verge of bankruptcy”. Worry and fear grip our heart, until we remember what Jesus said, “Do not worry about tomorrow” (Mt 6:34). As we put our trust in Him, the waves of worry and fear subside and we know peace in the midst of the storm.

Example 2: We suddenly realise the mistakes we made in raising our children. We were lax in discipline, ploughed them with things instead of time, picked on their mistakes and failures and never told them we loved them.

We are now consumed with guilt, regret, remorse and self recrimination. Rom 8:1 comes flooding into our heart. There is therefore NOW (present continuous tense)NO (not one thing) condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.We take hold of this promise and resist all guilt and condemnation until peace is restored to our hearts.

We also take hold of Rom 5:20 Where sin abounds, grace did much more abound, and we say, “Father, I now give my mistakes to You and ask Your grace to come in and swallow them up. I also ask You to bring healing and restoration between myself and my children and I rest in You”. Again, peace is restored to our heart.

It is the peace of Jesus Christ which is the true healing power for our mind, will, emotions and body. It is this peace which is reflected on our face and which speaks to others of God.

Meditation Point: Jesus, help me by Your grace to always stand on Your promise, not  be worried about tomorrow, that my heart, face and life will speak peace to a world in turmoil.

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