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The 7 Mountain Mandate Pt2

The Temptation of Christ

Matt 4:8-9 The Devil took him on the peak of a huge mountain. He gestured expansively, pointing out all the earth’s kingdoms, how glorious they all were.  Then he said, “They’re yours — lock, stock, and barrel. Just go down on your knees and worship me, and they’re yours.”  (TMB)

In this story the devil doesn’t say,”If you worship me I’ll give you reign over the earth’s Kingdom” (singular). He says,”If you worship me I’ll give you reign over the earth’s kingdoms” (plural). Kingdoms in scripture are symbolised as mountains, therefore we can apply the 7MM to this story. The 7 mountains of Family, Religion, Education, Media, Government/Politics, Performing Arts/Entertainment/Sports, Business/Finance are all the Kingdoms of this world.

We are not advocating total dominion over these mountains. We are helping people discover which mountain/s God has called them to; they are then to take the Kingdom rule and reign to whichever level God has placed them on these mountains. Some will be at the bottom, some in the middle and some at the top but wherever our place is we can influence the whole mountain.

Ownership of the 7MM requires us to look outward and challenges us to live a Christian lifestyle 24/7. No longer can we separate out our Church life from our life in the world. The Hebrew world view embraced the sacred and the secular as one thus all of life was lived in service and worship to God. But when the Greeks came along they changed this view and separated the secular and the sacred hence it gave rise to the mindset that says we worship and serve God in Church but adopt a worldly lifestyle in the secular.

Today God is calling us back to the Hebrew worldview; we are to worship and serve God in the way we eat, sleep, dress, speak, work, rest. This all inclusive way of living will become a witness to the mountain/s of the Kingdom reign of God.Eg – do we adopt a modern style of dress that suits the mountain/s we live on. If we’ve taken the extreme view of separation from the world, you can be sure our fashion sense will reflect an out of touch out of date lifestyle that people will not find attractive. We don’t have to spend huge amounts of money in order to dress fashionable. We can ask someone to give us advice on how best to dress.

We have to jettison the view that says,” It’s not the way we dress it’s if our hearts are right before God”. No! We can have both because both are just as important to God when it comes to advertising the Kingdom.

Meditation point: “Father, have I become old fashioned and out of step with the modern world”.

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